Oranges, Thorns and More Further On

#54 – Tuesday March 28th

Spring is happening in my yard, and as the wild flowers, cactus, and trees bloom and leaf out, an exfoliation is also taking place. Most notably, orange and grapefruit trees jettisoning the remnants of last season’s fruit and the African Fever dumping branch tips, cold cocked by this winter’s one dip below freezing. Both require a timely and constant gathering. The fruit, to keep certain undesirable critters from taking up residence in our yard, and the African Fever branches with their formidable thorns, to keep the cattle dog’s paws free from abuse while playing ball. However these seemingly unwanted by-products of nature’s course, are not without interest. The fruit, baked by the sun, morph into delightful golden brown, amorphous shapes. The branch segments, spiked, pale grey lines, elegantly constructed through happenstance. Together, they begin the process for the new paintings, canvasses stretched and waiting for paint.

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