A Quiet Witness

#173 – Tuesday, January 13th

 A quiet witness to a day’s game of shadow and light. The reference of that moment mostly hidden, but the  memory provides an anchor as I begin this endeavor.


Quiet Witness

Tanner Beach blk

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Following An End Beginning At The Beginnings End

#148 – Tuesday, April 15th

On the trail, a wealth of inspiration for my studio aspirations lay directly underfoot. In camp, bathed in the tranquil glow of the setting sun, a mind-bending palette of earth, fire, and sky, the silence punctuated by the songs of Lucy’s Warbler.






Lucys Warbler

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A Tuesday Lost

#83 – Tuesday October 15th

Tuesday eighty-two got lost. More truthfully it decided to stay on the couch while I was out of touch with the world, ostensibly doing research for the blog. I’d planned for this eventuality with a missive scheduled to post in my absence, but obviously my understanding of how to make this happen didn’t jive with the practical reality of making it so. The research project? Off the northern edge of one of the seven natural wonders of the world and right in my back yard.

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