Sticks, Stones and Broken Bones

#55 –  Tuesday April 3rd

I’ve written a few missives on how my affinity for being outdoors influences my art including last week’s post of oranges and thorns, and now this week, after four days of backpacking in Grand Canyon National Park it’s sticks, stones and broken bones. The Grand Canyon must be one of the most photographed locations on the planet, and while I certainly gobbled up gigabytes of memory shooting its amazingly beautiful vistas, I found more often, my eye and camera being turned toward explorations of the canyon’s flora.

So while my studio escapades necessitated postponement through adventure, it’s back to throwing paint around, and I’ve a critical mass of inspiration on the cusp of explosion. And that IS a very good thing.

Thanks for reading.


Oh, one of the thousand billion stones, bones and a mandatory red.

Every Picture Tells a Story

#10 – Tuesday May 24th

This week was spent wandering around the Grand Canyon. I didn’t take many photographs, they never seem to do the canyon justice, and all superlatives pale in the face of  just being there. Here are three of the photographs I did take. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of time below the rim, day hiking and backpacking, and having been there, being there is starting to become an addiction . . . the moment I’m out I can’t wait to be back in!


View of off the north rim, near Bright Angel Point, during a spring snow squall.

Sunrise through a stand of trees, burnt during a recent forest fire.

The Grand Canyon, north looking south, with the San Francisco Peaks visible in the distance.