Waxing Gibbous then Waterfall

#85 – Tuesday October 30th

Waxing Gibbous Moon at ninety-nine percent, eighteen hours untill full.

Waterfall. A short video on the liquid that comprises fifty to sixty percent of our adult bodies, from the Grand Canyon to the faucet in my kitchen.

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East End Desert View And The Lure of Potent Abstraction

#62 – Tuesday May 22nd

After years of hiking about the Grand Canyon, I finally trundled out to the east end to explore one of architect Mary Colter’s iconic Grand Canyon buildings, the Indian Tower at Desert View. The Tower’s interior walls are covered with murals painted by Hopi artist Fred Kabotie depicting aspects of Hopi mythology and religious ceremonies, intertwined with replicas of prehistoric pictographs and petroglyphs created by Fred Greer. Being drawn up the Tower’s circular staircase by these magical images was a delightfully engaging experience and one the highlights of another fantastic adventure in the Grand Canyon. The beauty of the Indian Watchtower has been captured by many superb photographers, this interactive panorama is one of my favorites . . . Don Bain’s 360 Panoramas of North America, Desert View.

Thomas Nozkowski
Untitled (7-138) (SH-IV) – The Badlands
Oil on linen on panel
2000 — 30 x 40 in.

If I had to come up with a short list of painters I admire, Thomas Nozkowski would certainly be at the top. I first remember seeing his work some 20 plus years ago, while perusing the isles of Art Chicago, the massive art expo, then held on Chicago’s Navy Pier. His small potent abstract canvasses, a refreshing alternative vision to the over sized and over stuffed paintings that seemed to rule the day. Coinciding with an exhibition of his drawings, John Yau has written an excellent essay on Mr. Nozkowski for the blog Hyperallergic. The exhibition of Thomas Nozowski’s drawings is on view at Senior &  Shopmaker Gallery, in Manhattan, through June 16th.

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Every Picture Tells a Story

#10 – Tuesday May 24th

This week was spent wandering around the Grand Canyon. I didn’t take many photographs, they never seem to do the canyon justice, and all superlatives pale in the face of  just being there. Here are three of the photographs I did take. I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a fair amount of time below the rim, day hiking and backpacking, and having been there, being there is starting to become an addiction . . . the moment I’m out I can’t wait to be back in!


View of off the north rim, near Bright Angel Point, during a spring snow squall.

Sunrise through a stand of trees, burnt during a recent forest fire.

The Grand Canyon, north looking south, with the San Francisco Peaks visible in the distance.