Mish Mash and a Tip of the Hat

#52 – Tuesday March 13th

Fifty two, a year of Tuesdays. Today I present a not so random selection of twelve favorites (one for each month) highlighting this past year of It Happens Every Tuesday.

 March – The Donna’s “You’ve Got A Crush On Me”. Soundtrack to the beginning of this missive. Old school fast and loud, played with verve. These women rock.

April –  Strange Life Of Blue (#9) rambling toward The Color Of Tuesdays (#48).  Cold then hot, in 39 weeks.

May – Forrest Bess. Antique Roadshow  to the Whitney Biennial.  Forrest was an odd bird, but I love his paintings.

June – A virtual exhibition, excerpts from the show at Perimeter Gallery, Chicago. The new paintings set to music.

July – A Word A Day.  Familiar to the esoteric. What words mean, usage, and history . . . as a bonus, every Word a Day is accompanied by a quotation gleaned from the writings of the famous or infamous, right to the inbox each and every morning. A delightful partner to my french roast, a jump start for the day.

August – Subtle Magic (#39). In my dreams. Ocean of Art and Seeing Spots (#49)

September – Cornucopia Tuesday (#26). Art for bikes. Words for art. Two in transition, and languid husky vocals.

October – Thomas Nozkowski, Lee Bontecou, and Authur Dove. Enough said.

November – Listing of Artistic Intentions (#47). A list for a list, and another on the far side of amazing.

January – Nine Weeks (#2). Steady hand, youthful exuberance, and nod to those who helped make it happen.

February – The original It Happens Every Tuesday. It started as a simple artistic exercise and wound up here.

March –  My clowning Muses

It Happens Every Tuesday.

Thanks for reading.