Guided By Voices and Giving In

#41 – Tuesday December 27th

One of my favorite avenues for finding new music is Music and my absolute favorite section on this site is: “First Listen: Preview New Albums”. It’s exactly what’s promised and always features three new releases (prior to commercial availability) by artists from the spectrum of musical idioms. Pop, classical, reggae, gospel, world, punk, thrash, rap, ambient, jazz, electronic, salsa, big band, and . . .  Simply put “FirstListen” will preview anything and everything. Listen to an entire album, or just selected tracks, which brings me to another favorite of mine “Guided By Voices”.  “First Listen” is currently previewing GBV’s new album “Lets Go Eat The Factory”. GBV is impossible to pigeon-hole. Songs that are sharp, concise, humorous, poignant, melodic, and obtuse.  My two favorite tracks . . . “Hang Mr. Kite” and “We Won’t Apologize For The Human Race” .

As the year falls off its end, this past week and next are basically lost. I’ve joyfully given in.

Thanks for reading.