Search For Tomorrow, In The Embrace of the Past

Exhibition announcement#33  – Tuesday November 1st

Eighteen days. The exhibition announcements are on their way out and about. This  version is a combination of the announcement’s front and back, specifically for use in the blog.

Continuing to highlight past shows of my work at Perimeter Gallery, an exhibition from 2000 . . . the project piece (and namesake of my blog) It Happens Every Tuesday. I’d  devised the parameters of the project to help me sort out thematic issues, and to revisit techniques in the use of materials I’d abandoned in creating my work. About twenty weeks into the project, I was having an unrelated conversation with the associate director of the Gallery and mentioned the project, a short discussion ensued, I was offered the opportunity to exhibit the piece, and literally two weeks after finishing the fifty-second installment, It Happens Every Tuesday  was up on the Gallery walls.

I spent a good portion of last week, up in Zion National Park, traipsing about with  Leukemia & Lymphoma Society‘s Team In Training (TNT) hiking program participants. TNT folks raise funds to support blood cancer research, and for the past six years I’ve been fortunate enough to guide TNT hikes, at both Zion and Grand Canyon National Parks. Zion is best known for the spectacular and dramatic thousand foot plus tall sandstone cliffs, and the Narrows of the Virgin River, a canyon at its slimmest, a scant sixteen feet wide and a thousand feet deep.  We hiked the West Rim Trail up to  Angels Landing (fifteen hundred feet above the canyon floor), and the Riverside Walk Trail into the Narrows of the Virgin River. One morning, shortly after sunrise,  I was hiking alone up the Riverside Walk and took these photos. I take much of my inspiration for the colors I use in my work, from the palette of the landscape I see during my adventures out-of-doors, and these two environments were just too luscious not to document. Along this stretch of the canyon, water continuously trickles down from springs high up on the canyon’s wall, creating a marsh like environment, adjacent to the river and unique to this particular section of the canyon.

What’s in play? Girl In A Coma – Adventures in Coverland. I’m not a big fan of cover songs, with few exceptions, they mostly disappoint. But this trio of women from San Antonio, take tunes by the likes of Patsy Cline, Eric Clapton, Buffalo Springfield, and Lou Reed and plays them like they own them, no small feat.

Thanks for reading.