Distracted with Focus and Music Safe as Milk

#68  – Tuesday July 3rd

When July rolls around, it’s time for the Tour de France. I readily admit I’m a bit obsessed with the Tour, but fortunately,  due to the time difference between France and Arizona the action is concluded by mid-morning and I can turn my attentions away from bicycle racing and back to the studio. These two canvasses are receiving the bulk of those efforts, with the remainder of studio time going into the website, reconfiguring the painting portfolios, and adding a larger section dedicated to the sculpture. A very good week.

The Soundtrack to this week’s post: Safe as Milk by Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band. Recorded in 1967, the band featured Ry Cooder on guitar and Taj Mahal on percussion. In 1982 Don van Vliet (alias Captain Beefheart) stopped recording music to focus on painting.

Thanks for reading.