Lines trajectory invites dancing and the SRAM pART project begins

#16 – Tuesday July 5th

All in all, it’s been a quiet week . . . but a fun one in the studio . . . so for this Tuesday I thought I’d show the development in two specific areas of a painting I’m working on.  First the activation of a line segment ( in the bottom half of the canvas )  and second, just how one of the shapes that inhabit this painting is getting it’s groove on.

The line. To sketch in the line’s trajectory, I start out with 6b graphite drawing lead, ground to a very sharp point. The 6b leads are nice and soft, easy to smear and easy to erase, so the original path is determined with a light hand and thin mark ( image 1). Once I get the line to interact with the other elements of the painting in an appropriate context, I wet my fingers and purposely do smear the graphite, expanding the line’s influence. ( image 2 ). I go back in with dry pigment and paint ( in this case a Grass Green colored pencil, Burnt Orange Conte Crayon, and Titanium White acrylic, image 3 ) working, coaxing the line, instilling in it a dynamic personality . . . a subtle but essential process making the line alive with the narrative of life.

The shape. Volume, object, figure . . . whatever. I can’t seem to come up with an appropriate designation for this dancing form, however here is its history, and looking closely, past alliterations show the genesis how it came to be. Trial, error, experimentation and a workman like attitude. Joyous and playful.

On another note . . . my box of parts for the SRAM pART project to benefit World Bicycle Relief just now arrived . . . So here’s a little preview of the box and parts ( partially unpacked) that are my source materials . . .this IS going to be fun!

Thanks for reading.