The Path To Elemental, Blue Sky Forever

#110 – Tuesday April 23rd

A perfectly ordinary snapshot, taken during a recent backpacking trip in the Superstition Mountains. This particular rock outcrop provided much needed shelter from a monsoon storm during a prior excursion into the Superstitions, and on this day, blue sky forever, it seemed the equivalent of visiting an old and dear friend.


I’ve always enjoyed rambling about the out-of-doors, but I’m drawn to the desert by some undeniable magnetic attraction, and as this affliction has come to dominate  my work, I rely on these photo vignettes to offer a spring-board toward a different kind of exploration. 3

It’s been a banner year for wild flowers, the landscape bursting with color, and while much of my work over the past year has mirrored this explosion of hues, at the moment I have an overpowering wish to capture  the  elemental and etherial  quality of these experiences.


Elemental. Black, totality of color. White, absence of color. A landscape of extremes. Etherial. The subtle, delicate and fragile tones of desert flora, reveled in the benevolent and often unforgiving light of the southwestern sun.


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The Essence Of Wandering & Taming A Certain Wilderness

#105 – Tuesday March 19th

I like to think of my excursions into the back country as essential research and while wandering around the Superstition Mountains this past week, I’ve a generous measure of inspiration. First, for the new painting. And second, for investing the same quantity of perspiration required for the out and back to Marsh Valley, in taming the wilderness that’s my own back yard.


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Under Foot and Between the Ears

#51 – Tuesday March 6th

Going on. A walk in the woods. The Superstition Mountains to be exact, this time toting home on my back, and sleeping under the stars. While spring is still fourteen days away, a few eager flowers were beginning to show their colors. Colors I’ll unabashedly appropriate for my own devices, and while savoring my good fortune, stumbling into sublime moments of time and place, moments so perfect as to defy description. They are simple things. Under foot and between the ears.

I thought I’d gone a bit red crazy, but these Globe Mallow, confirm my lust is right on track.

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