Construct promise and the deep blue sea

#13 – Tuesday June 14th

I find things. Pieces of rusty metal, the odd machine part, very round rocks, and colored shards of glass. Wood boxes, dull once sharp tools, strips of patterned fabric faded and torn, and bones bleached white. Random tree parts, broken toys, tin cans with bullet holes, and forgotten placards of failed campaigns. The whatever and the what not, clutter my studio in disorganized happenstance and I wouldn’t have it any other way. These are my accidental talismans, structures assembled by passing fancy that often find their way into my imagination and back out onto canvas.

I do think of my paintings as being constructed, built piece by piece. Line supported by shape, supported by color, supported by line . . . so intertwined one can not possibly exist without the other.  What’s always attracted me to painting is the ability for spontaneity, put it down . . . or take it off. An instantaneous process that instills a certain attitude of nothing to lose, a fearlessness that pushes the work relentlessly forward.

Thanks for reading.