The Color of Tuesdays

#48 – Tuesday February 14th

Some days are inescapable regardless of every attempt. They occur with startling regularity, steamrolling everything in their path, propelled forward through honest convictions and deceptive intentions and today is one of those ubiquitous days . . . Valentines, the day of the color red . Red is the symbol of courage and sacrifice, of passion and violence, the color of love. Red clothing gets noticed. Red encourages action and confidence. Red is the highest arc of the rainbow and the longest wavelength of light. Red is supposedly the first color perceived by man. The color of cupid, and the color of the devil. Brain-injured persons suffering from temporary color-blindness start to perceive red before all other colors. The red rose is the symbol of love and fidelity. Red makes muscles move faster and with more force. Red is the symbol of life and the color of luck. Red is the color of Tuesdays, and the zodiac sign Scorpio. Red is the color of this Siren’s song, and at the moment, I’m doing my ever loving best to answer its plea.

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1.  “Cartes De Fantaisie “ (1804). The Queen and Jack of Heart, from a set of playing cards re-issued by Baptiste Paul Grimaud in 1848. These images were photographed from a commemorative set published in 1984.

2. “Matador” playing card set, produced by Astor Playing Card Co. Date unknown.

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