Sunset on a Three Eights by Twelve Landscape

#211 – Tuesday. February 16th

dots #60d

Three eights by twelve, corroded and bent by a forgotten task. It’s a chance encounter of idle hands and a wayward nut in similar circumstance. An unlikely balancing act, a landscape of utility, accompanied by string and pin, and a scribble in orange.

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A Hypothetical Proposal for a Modernist Holiday Tradition

#204 – Tuesday, December 8th


It Happens Every Tuesday is on holiday and will return Tuesday January 5th. Until then . . . wishing everyone all the happiness and joy the holiday season has to offer!

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Modernist  Holiday Collage left to right: Arlene Kurre, my mother, photographed with a display board announcing an art show featuring the work of her fifth grade students (circa mid 1970’s).  Louie Wahl, a good friend of my folks, photographed in our living room (circa late 1960’s). My brother Don and sister Kathleen, with our grandfather as Santa (circa mid 1950’s.)

Happy Holidays – from left to right: Don, myself and Kathleen (circa late 1950’s).