And This, A Detail Of A Beginning

#131 – Tuesday, October 1st

It wasn’t a lack of motivation, rather several days of unseasonably cool, fall like weather, providing the inspiration for spending my time in the garden, rather than the studio. Those hours in the dirt, putting summer’s worst back to rights, provided the catalyst for wrestling the studio back into some semblance of order. October. I’m a mid-western boy, and although I’ve lived in the desert for almost two decades, when October rolls around a switch goes off.  Get ready, winter is coming. Only now the anticipation is with delight rather than dread. Preparations are needed on both ends of the spectrum, and I’m ready for winter’s best. But I digress, back in the studio, I did prime two new canvasses, layers of Zinc White over Titan Buff. Titan Buff is a virtually opaque white with earthy yellow overtones. Zinc White a highly transparent pigment that gives a wonderful depth to the under-painting . . . and this, a detail of a beginning, now into October.


Thanks for reading.


thanks for reading!

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