Interventions, Voyeuristic Illusions, And Off, Off, Off.

#151 – Tuesday, May 6th

Put it on and take it off. Put it back on. Take it back off. Yes, put it back on. No, take it back off. Yep back on. Nope off, off, off.  When is enough, enough? The answer to this question is . . . now. My process is additive and for a good long while I’ve controlled the need to keep stacking everything on top. However the urge has returned in spades. An intervention of liberally applied Anthraquinone blue accompanied by scratching and scrapings rescued the prior canvas. The intended purpose? Obscure the excesses with voyeuristic illusions.  This one, I just stopped at the off, off, off, phase. Not perfect. A bit messy. It feels like giving up, but actually it’s letting go, and harder than I care to admit.

#127 a

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2 thoughts on “Interventions, Voyeuristic Illusions, And Off, Off, Off.

    • Within the sensual/physical lies the drug . . . exactly. The letting go part requires abandon, a different kind of addiction. Fearlessness. And for me, that is one of the harder parts. Thank you!

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