Long Shores and Meddling Beasts While Taking the Scenic Route

#169 – Tuesday, December 9th

I’ve been making a conscientious effort to go with the flow. My normal proclivity is to keep at it until tight as a drum and the new work open and full of energy, highlights this transition. But I just couldn’t leave this one alone. The best news, regardless of the meandering way of getting here, and my potential toward density that following this path can generate, it’s a jazzy rendition, fueled by the sound of a river gone wild and a hike counted in fifteen steps.

#181 R

Four Steps

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4 thoughts on “Long Shores and Meddling Beasts While Taking the Scenic Route

  1. Charles, I so love your work – the interplay of translucent color, and the way you render forms. It is a neat little peek into the genius that is Charles. If you ever find yourself in Boise, I would love to invite you to my studio for some wax encaustic…I’d love to see what you do with the luminous potential it offers! I read your blog all of the time. Thank you for inspiring me so!

    • Heather
      Thank you for your very kind words! I love the way encaustic looks and over the years, tempted to have a go but just never followed up on scratching that itch. Thank you for the invite and who knows, one day you just might have me knocking at your door!

  2. A Lot of Charles going on in this piece.

    I feel like i can see you your canyon trip as described to me by your muse 🙂

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