Ocean And New Trees

#181 – Tuesday, March 24th

The commitment was to stop, set aside, and begin again. The idea? Capture the spontaneity and energy of those first marks made. The result? An exceptional period of creativity, and yes I did revisit many canvasses, adding and subtracting. These efforts are now on exhibition at Perimeter Gallery, Chicago and featured on the web site. But the canvasses that just didn’t go, are next up. I know I’ve talked about the wonders of Zinc White, its high transparency, allowing the ghosts of previous attempts to shine through while offering a platform for opportunity, and that’s the ocean. Swimming in deep water toward the what if.


The new trees. Governed by traffic and power lines, shaped by the whims of urban life.  Captured by my point and shoot, their poetry is inspiration for my art.

new trees

Thanks for reading.


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thanks for reading!

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